Friday, July 24, 2009

Bijadi - Day 1

A friend informed me that we would be going to Bijadi for a trek. This was being arranged by the Shimoga unit of YHAI. So on 10th night we boarded the Airavath bus to Coondapur. As informed by Brijesh, one of the organizers, we got down at Koteshwar just a few kms before Coondapur. Brijesh picked us up and took us to the base camp. Upon reaching we freshened up and had our breakfast.

The group size was now close to 40 as opposed to the initial planned size of 20. So it was a little late by the time we were ready to start for the day. After the introductions we split ourselves into two groups and got into the two trucks that were waiting take us to the starting point of the day’s trek. We got down near a temple after a strenuous journey to start our trek.

Our first visit was to the phantom caves. There is a udbhava linga and a udbhava nandi just as we enter the caves. Mr Raghavendra was very helpful in guiding us through the caves. As we entered deeper into the caves wading through the damp and sometimes slushy ground we saw udbhava murthis of Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Kali. This place is very sacred for the localites. Mr Raghavendra explained to us that the yakshagana artistes from all over the region come here to offer their prayers and tie the gejjes (anklets). It is only after this that they go out to perform at other places. Another amazing thing we saw here was the number of bats residing in these caves. Their numbers were in thousands. It was very cool inside and it was a lovely experience. Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the caves.

Mr Raghavendra then took us to a tree which is pretty big and quite old. A bit of fun and a photography session ensued.
From here we proceeded to our next destination, Turuvinakere. As we were walking towards the lake a curious event had us wondering. As we stood and watched the others behind us walk towards us it started raining. No, there is nothing curious about that but when you consider that the people following us were getting drenched and we were standing with not a single raindrop falling on us one cannot help but wonder.

The lake was beautiful and most of them enjoyed themselves by taking a dip in the lake. It was then time for lunch. Pulav with banana chips was served and I have to say it was really yummy. I was torn between not stuffing myself and giving in to the temptation of the mouthwatering pulav. I ended up somewhere between being stuffed and being content.

Post lunch we packed ourselves into the trucks again to go to the beach for our next part of the trek. It had been a long time since I had visited a beach. Stepping onto the beach evoked memories and an indescribable feeling coursed through my body. Eyes closed, I allowed the winds to engulf me. With every breath there was an invasion of smells from all things around us. Music of the waves glided through the air and into my ears transporting me to a different world. When I opened my eyes the waves playfully rushed onto the sands one after the other like smalls kids. The kids were running up to us, touching us or just stopping short and then running away again. As they went back into the sea they took away the sand from under our feet leaving us feeling empty and imbalanced.
We found some interesting things along the way.

Walking on the sands was a lovely experience. It was short lived though. A supposedly 6 kilometers trek ended way too soon but bondas and jackfruits awaited us. Mmmmmmm…… they were D-E-L-I-cious. I headed back to the place where we were staying while the rest of the crowd indulged in games filled with fun and frolic.

As evening descended upon us, we were informed that arrangements had been made at another place for our night’s stay. A little tired from the day’s activities we trudged along hoping to reach the place pretty quickly. It was not to be so. Our miseries were compounded when the dark skies opened up. The incessant heavy rains made our long walk drearier and longer.

Soaked to the skin we rushed into Anateshwara sabha gruha for a quick change into dry clothes. Good food awaited us for dinner. Campfire, a YHAI tradition, included performances, games, fun and frolic. It was then time for a good night’s sleep.

P.S: Day 2 coming up...

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  1. Wow!! You write well man!! Just relived the entire trek again :) Thanks for sharing :D

  2. Nice writeup girish , keep up the good work

  3. Wonderful post, Girish. I know I told you I would reserve a look for later, but I couldn't resist! :) You seem to have your eyes and ears wide open...and your photodocumentation is excellent, too.